Corporate Social Responsibility

Bedi Investments Limited (BIL) prides itself on acting responsibly towards the wider community. By providing meaningful employment to less advantaged members of our society, we seek to promote equality without compromising on the quality of our product(s). BIL have undertaken several initiatives to influence the wider community in a positive way, to make a difference in all spheres, namely education, wildlife care, environmental care and health care.


The main focus of the BIL Trust has been on the education of school children in Eastern Africa. In line with the Kenyan Government's vision of providing free primary school education to all Kenyans, BIL has contributed to this initiative by providing free uniforms to school children across rural villages in Kenya.

BIL also has close affiliations with the Ngala School, where we empower and nurture the hearing and speech-impaired, providing them with a fair and adequate chance too meaningful employment. Through our training-development skills programme we support their talents and offer them a chance of full time employment at BIL.

Wildlife Care:

BIL has partnered with the "Cycle with the Rhinos" initiative in Lake Nakuru National Park, which aims to rehabilitate the electric fence and undertake community conservation education around the park - a successful Rhino breeding sanctuary and an international bird watcher's paradise famous for its 1.5 million flamingos.

Environmental Care:

Planted 3000 trees via the Kenya Forest Service Institution in Western Kenya to promote reforestation and the preservation of the Kakamega rainforest.

Community Health Care:

Ran an AIDS awareness programme, emphasising ways to prevent and control the spread of the disease, while providing leaflets and advice on how this can be achieved.

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