Textile companies ask State to ban "mitumba" imports

The local textile industry is under siege, the players have said. They have listed some of the conditions that hinder the campaign to improve efficiency in the sector: Dropping cotton reserves, new value added tax on the imports and relaxed rules of entry for second hand clothes.They say an erratic supply of raw materials and unfair competition in the domestic market are pushing many companies out of the country...Read More

African Business Review January 2011 - Bedi Investment-Manufacturing_MR Read More

Company Reports - Textile Market Leaders

Written by Tom Lloyd & Produced by Trevor Gretsinger

Bedi Investments Limited (BIL) was incorporated in 1972 and began to manufacture garments and attire four years later in 1976. BIL has since expanded its operations, vertically integrating the means of production, allowing for the greatest advantage to be taken of the expanding global textile market...Read More

Interview: Mr Jaswinder Bedi - Chairman, African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF)

African Cotton & Textile Industries Federation (ACTIF) is a regional trade body formed in June 2005 by the cotton, textile and apparel sectors from across sub-Saharan Africa, to create a unified and recognized voice in both regional and global trade affairs. Individual countries within the region recognized that they could no longer act in isolation and remain fragmented in the face of current and future global challenges - hence there was need for regional integration that would in turn lead to market discovery, increased business linkages, trade and investment.Read More

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