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Bedi Investments' Merchant Banking activities are London based and have a specific focus on the emerging markets of India, MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our activities are broad ranging falling into the Financing, Advisory and Investing arena in the global capital markets. Led by seasoned and experienced finance professionals, with demonstrable strengths and expertise in extensive cross-asset and cross border transactions in all capital markets assets classes ranging from cash equity, equity-linked through structured finance and fixed income.

Our business activities are underpinned by our belief that the next decade will be dominated by growth in the Emerging Markets where our primary objective is to serve our clients interests by leveraging our extensive global network of relationships with institutional investors, strategic players and corporate and Governmental borrowers. Our cross- asset and structured solutions approach puts forward client concerns and devises financial instruments and securities tailor-made to address those specific issues. We will always find an optimal solution to meet any capital structure and/or risk management requirements. Our three-pronged approach based on Financing, Advisory and Investing pillars will not only devise and advise on an appropriate capital markets solution but will go to the extent of delivering financing solutions and co-invest alongside if need be.

For further information please email : merchant-banking@bedi.com

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